How to eat (Part 1)

One of the biggest changes that can have the most amazing impact on your health and the level of healing that you receive from your Chiropractic care is nutrition. That’s right, what you eat can play a profound role in your overall health. I’m not going to bombard you with everything right now, but it’s important to recognize that what you put in your mouth has more of an impact on your health than just impacting your weight.

Inflammation is one of the most important harbingers of disease, and it’s primed by stress. Unfortunately, it’s created by the body in response to a need to heal, and when you are eating inflammatory foods, the body never gets the chance to heal. Rather, it just cycles through inflammation, trying to heal itself constantly of the damage you’re doing by what you’re eating. This can manifest in the form of auto-immune disease, arthritis, asthma, and mood issues in adults, or all of that and behavioral issues with kids. The main inflammatory culprits are gluten, found in wheat and many other grains, and dairy, which is of course, milk and cheese.

These two things comprise most of the inflammatory foods that negatively affect people’s health, and they are the two types of food that are found everywhere! Just look at almost any processed food, and I’ll almost guarantee you that it has at least one, if not both of these, and in different forms.

Wheat and Dairy

Gluten is in wheat, which means it’s in pasta, bread, cookies, cakes, some kinds of oatmeal, cereal, sandwiches, bagels, brownies, and others. It can contribute to leaky gut syndrome, which allows substances into the blood through the intestine that were never supposed to be there. When the body sees those things, it thinks it’s under attack, creates an antibody for it, and then we’re allergic. If it’s close to an antigen that is in our body, our body will attack itself, and now you have an auto-immune condition. People with celiac disease have a much more severe reaction to gluten than that, which could even be life threatening. Some research suggests that almost everyone has some sensitivity to these foods.

Dairy works in a similar fashion, through the protein casein, and other things found in milk. It acts to congest the body, making mucous thicker and harder to clear. It was one of the culprits for me having asthma when I was a child. When I gave up dairy and all grains by going paleo, asthma went away completely.

Other foods that can contribute to inflammation include vegetable and seed oils, as well as sugar in almost all forms, as well as some others.

Here are two sites that are amazing if you are ready to change your diet.

  1. Mark’s Daily Apple
  2. Whole30

Next time, diving deeper into the nutrition rabbit hole, Dr Paul will write about his favorite diet, the one he’s been following for the last decade.