Hello, Paula Martha Davidson here! 

Let me start by saying that I pride myself in being open to everything changing. The way I see my life today will be different than tomorrow.  How do you feel about time giving way to perspectives? Genuinely, I think it is lovely. The fact that we are both human means that we have way more in common than we could possibly have different. Have you been out and interacted with our society? When I venture out, it feels easier to compare against and make too much importance on a difference. With that said as a Licensed Massage Therapist I find it more comfortable to get to know you. So before you read about me I am going to ask a couple questions that have allowed me to open up. 

  1. How does it feel to be in a house without windows?
  2. Do you think windows realize the significance they play?
  3. If a window could, would it ask if its existence made the house less strong and vulnerable?

Random, sure but follow me here. In this metaphor, I am the house and the windows are my stories! So my stories allow me to put windows in my house. This can take time but now you can see me and very importantly I can better see you.

A bit about my first years

My beautiful life started in Costa Rica in 1994. At 2 years old I chose to walk out of my biological figures house and wander outside. I was found by a police officer and taken to wait at the station. They knew who I belonged to and reached out to her. She must have felt overwhelmed because she never picked me up. So I was placed into an orphanage. Heavy stuff but don’t worry yourself because the world had my back before I knew how. At 5 years old I was reunited with my strong older brother and incredible younger sister! All of us were adopted together! My parents came for one and left with three. What a celebration! They later divorced, which left me to be raised mostly by my loving, understanding, and patient mother and southern to the bone grandmother close to the water in a small town in Alabama.


Yes. Alabama. I am a woman, brown, tomboy, lesbian, and curious. Yes I stuck out a time or a gazillion times but more importantly growing up, side to side, down, over and around gave me unknowingly a very unique insight. Now that we have a foundation let us ponder on what a wise person somewhere in my memory said ”The only difference between an ordeal and an adventure is perspective.”

Anyhow, more on my adventure. In my life I have forgotten Spanish, broken one bone, canoed on the delta for 30 days, watched my car catch on fire and blow up, owned a motorcycle, lived on boats in Florida, rode 79 hours on a Greyhound bus to Montana later to win Montana Conservation Corps crew member of the year (still proud), sold flowers on a street corner, made close friends and lost touch with a few, started fights and hopefully have been forgiven with siblings, served quality coffee, waited tables, cried for no reason, been taught to hug, smelled Mt. Machu Picchu, sold vacuums door to door, decided drinking isn’t for me, grown up with dogs, won first place, did not place, been in trouble, cut my own hair, and so much more.

All this life has brought me to the realization that I am interesting, knowledgeable, sensitive, kind, curious, one in 7 billion, just like you! How spectacular!

What brought me to Tacoma

Today you can find me living in the Stadium District with my girlfriend Noelle. She is inspiring, motivating, and all around a beaut to boot. I like to challenge myself. Walking in wright park is my weekly grounding routine. Anytime I see the sun I smile. Always searching for hiking pals and volunteer opportunities. I recently chose to sweat through a  6 week challenge at Super Studios 253 where I do body pump, barre, yoga, kickboxing, HITT because in this year I am focused on understanding movement ,action, and energy. I seek out new things around the town. Growing up food was love so I practice letting food be food and not feeling. So now I give more love to myself through healthier choices. This Ebbs and flows. You get it!

My advice to you right now is to drink more water and get a massage. Did you just read massage? Perfect, I am glad that was brought up. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 3 years. This is my what I get to practice everyday at Brilliant Life Chiropractic so I can know more than yesterday and help you today. 

In the past I would not divulge so much on my story so when you are reading this know that I appreciate you.  Thank you for your time and curiosity. I’ll end by stating that I ask a lot of questions to myself. I do overthink but when I simplify my complex. I simply want to love and be loved, help and get help, understand and be understood, hear and be heard, search and be found!