708 Broadway
Suite #170
Tacoma, WA 98402

Ph: 253-383-0577

Dr. Paul Martin, D.C.

About UsDr. Paul Martin graduated with highest honors from Life Chiropractic College West. He specializes in Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) and incorporates a combination of gentle adjustments into his care. Dr. Paul brings years of experience working with athletes and fitness professionals to his chiropractic practice. He is also an experienced martial arts practitioner and teacher. His passion and mission in life is to help families and people of all ages to heal and to express more of their life’s potential.

Dr. Paul is an avid CrossFit follower, and enjoys challenging himself in life in almost every way. He believes that challenges are the experiences that help us to become better than we are. And he endeavors to help everyone express more of their greatness every day.

After a year long certification program, Dr. Paul is now certified as a health coach with the Primal Blueprint, and is seeking additional education in the realm of functional medicine. With these tools, he seeks to help everyone live a brilliant life. He loves working with families and kids of all ages.





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