Where does healing come from? Is healing really the result of identifying the root cause of disease and eliminating it? Maybe and maybe not.

Cause = Cure

Sometimes it’s helpful to know the root cause of a symptom or a disease. In the case of a bacterial overgrowth, knowing the kind of bacteria or the exposing vector can help with healing. We can find the right antibiotic, or remove the offending vector.

But often in medicine, we don’t know the root cause, and this is part of the reason why so much of medical treatment is symptom based. If we don’t know the cause, we have to try something else. But that’s generally not very effective.

Healing > Curing

What’s far more effective, and one of the reasons why Chiropractic care can be so powerful, is that it tends to work with the body’s own ability to heal. Causes for most of our problems are multi-factorial, and are because of certain lifestyle factors, maybe even quite a few of them. We’re exposed to toxins constantly, don’t watch our diets, don’t exercise enough, don’t get enough sleep, and then we become even more susceptible to pain, disease, or any number of symptoms.

That’s also why making those lifestyle changes can effect far more change in your body and your health than any kind of targeted symptomatic relief effort.

For example, I was just camping in Orcas Island, and I let my diet lapse, eating whatever I wanted to. It was fine for a little while, but today, I’ve noticed a pimple on my chest, something that I haven’t had since before I switched to eating Paleo. The acne on my chest was a symptom related to my diet. If I had targeted my efforts on the acne, I might have tried any number of drugs or skin creams. Instead, I can simply shift my diet, and that symptom will resolve.

Chiropractic = Healing

Enhancing the body’s ability to heal is the primary focus of the Chiropractic adjustment. We don’t necessarily need to know the why of the problem people come into the office with. By helping the body heal itself, all kinds of things clear up, because the body is simply working better.

There is a time for targeted approaches. For mainstream health and wellness, the best approach is the internal one, working with lifestyle factors to strengthen the body’s own healing power. Chiropractic can help with that.