Reasons to get adjusted that have nothing to do with pain

  1. Improve your mood – I see it every single day. People are happier when they get adjusted, feel less anxious/nervous, and less depressed. There are neurochemical changes in the brain which happen almost instantly, and the effect can last for days afterwards. I know that I am always in a better mood after getting adjusted.

  2. Prepare for a sporting event – Want to be your best for a tennis match? Or bowling? Or golfing? Get adjusted. The adjustment will make sure your nerve system is coordinating all of your limbs to work together, improving strength, conditioning, lung capacity, oxygen delivery, and hand eye coordination. This is why athletes use a chiropractor. They do it so they have every advantage possible when they go out on the court or field, or whatever.

  3. Sleep better – The most common thing people report, that they didn’t expect, is that they sleep better. When the tension in your system gets taken care of, you will fall asleep more easily, and sleep more deeply.

  4. Boost the immune system – If you’ve got people at home who are sick, or you can feel a cold coming on, get to your chiropractor! Getting adjusted will help your immune system function better, so you can get well faster. Ari had a cough once, lasted for over a week before we remembered that we were chiropractors. Adjusted him 3 times in one day, and it was gone. Bam!

  5. Simply be your best – When you’re at your best, so is everyone around you.  You’re more patient, more understanding, and when you have more life flowing through you, you have more love to give and can be more compassionate. You are simply more loving, and peaceful.

Thanks for watching and reading. You deserve a Brilliant Life, let it shine!